This is Bob
The game's goal is to let Bob
reach the end of road
Road changes, but Bob never gets off
Once he hits the green dot
he goes to next road
Problem is, there are these four rods
If he hits these rods, back he goes
So to make chance for Bob
to reach the green dot
I've put a hole in each of these rods
You can't move road
and you can't move Bob
So you move rods,
'cause that's your job
Try it now
to see how it goes
Your tapping point
is the new place for their joint
By moving joint, you move rods
and resize their holes
Each hole is placed
in middle third
So you should aim this third
to the way of your bird
To move this joint, GENTLY TAP
and be precise
like in most of other games,
brutally swipe
You can take your roads
in whichever order you want
Feel free to raise or drop the speed
if that's what you need
Shapes of these roads are called
polar curves
You can draw them yourself
with a little math
and lots of nerves
There is no "Game Over" in this game
There's no score and "Hall of Fame"
I always hated all of that
So it's over when you want
And you are always welcome back :)
Now hit the road, Bob!
... and don't hit those rods ...
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